What is our worship like?

Worshiping with Quakers is a unique experience. It is radically simple, and reflects our belief that rituals and special objects are not required to experience the Divine.

We sit together in silence, listening for the "still small voice." There are no prearranged sermons or hymns, but at any moment someone may stand and share a message they've been given.

After about an hour, the silence will be broken by handshakes and greetings, and we will usually hear announcements. We frequently share a light meal after meeting.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?
Whatever you feel comfortable in. Keep in mind that it can get drafty in winter, so extra layers may be advisable.

Can I bring my kids?
Of course! Children are always welcome in meeting, even if they're too young to sit in silence for a full hour. At this time we do not have a children's program, but we do have several spaces in the meetinghouse with books and toys for young children.

Where should I sit?
Wherever you like. In earlier times Quakers reserved special, raised seats for those recognized as ministers. Our meetinghouse still has these benches, but they can be used by anyone.

Do I have to speak?
Only if you feel led to do so. Learning to discern your own thoughts from the voice of the Spirit can be challenging, and you shouldn't expect to master it in a single meeting for worship.

Where can I learn more about Quakers?
A good place to start would be with ourĀ Faith and Practice, which you can find online here. We also have a small library and would be glad to recommend something for you.